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Shopping Lovers ♥

welcome to th-loveshopping.bs.com..
This blog consist of
"LIM" family
Opened Since 15 Sept 2o08




Simple T & C ♥

- No swaps, if you really like we can give u discount
- Payment to be made once we give you a notice
- I accept meet up & postage
- Items sold are not refundable
- Once payment is made, there is no refund
- Once order is confirmed, no last min backout
- No payment=No orders
- No cancellation of order(s)
- Prices are fixed, the cheapest price we can give
- By purchasing the item(s), you've to agree the T&C
- Email us @ th-loveshopping@live.com.sg for any doubts
- Transfer to POSB Saving 209-23544-7

Operations Hrs♥

Monday to Friday
8am - 5pm
Not included public hoildays
(only apply to email & tag)
(within 48hrs will reply)

only sms 24/7

MeetUp Location♥

Tampines Street 83
Tampines Interchange
Great World City

Date & time will be choose by you,
providing we're free on that day.

Thanks for the understanding,

Other places of meetup will charge $4

Instocks Info♥

All instock items are order from my preorders,
as I would like my shoppers to receive her items
fast & sweet once payment is made

I would try to choose the best & cheap products

Items Sold♥

Sep to Dec’08:

P#1- AMEY Shop (20 Orders)
^^^END^^^(2 mths)
P#1 Luxury (14 Orders)
P #1 Seventy Age (15 Orders)
P#1 PG Mall (18 Orders)
P#1 Betwo (13 Orders)
^^^END^^^ (3weeks)
P#1 Maymaylu (10 orders)
^^^END^^^ (3.5weeks)
P#2 DP Shop (21 Orders)
^^^END^^^ (3.5weeks)
Preorder #1 M&M Ear Phone (11 Orders)
^^^END^^^ (5days)
Korea Instocks (13 items)
Cartoon tees (20 items)
Luxury Instocks (4 items)
M&M Instocks (3 items)
Seventyage instock (2 items)

Jan & June'09

P#1:123.COM (14 orders)
^^^END^^^ (3weeks)
P#2-#4:AMYE SHOP(75 Orders)
^^^END^^^ (3 weeks)
P#1- #10:Mickey & cute MP3(178 orders)
betwo instocks (5 items)
Maymaylu instocks (4items)
P#1- #8:Cute Earpiece(214 items)
Taobao Spree (56 items)
P.Spree: 5Sprees (76 items)
Cartoon tees (2 items)
DP Shop instocks (5 items)
Korean Instocks(3items)

TOTAL SOLD: 778 items





u LinK mi, i Link U♥

Shoutz Topsite

Desire in Dream!
Pretty Dress Closet!

New Promo


please to not rip the credits =)
designer- X brushes- XXX
hosts- XX
fonts- X

for the brushes part , i try to credit as much as i can .

Sunday, May 23, 2010 ♥

Agnes B Preorder =)
♥Take 10 days to arrives♥
~~Direct import ~~

#01 - Cards Holder (1) S$9.90
Measurement: 7cm x 11cm x 1.5cm (Thickness)
Info: 12 Cards Slot
Available in Light Purple/ Pink/ Black/ Grey/ Blue/ Silver/ Red/ Purple/ Dark Pink/ Gold

#02- Card Holder (2) S$8.90
10.5cm x 7.5cm (Strip Length 48cm)
3 card slots
Available in Rose Pink/ White/ Purple/ Red/ Gold/ Silver/ Pink/ Black

#03 - Card Holder (3) S$8.90
11cm x 8.5cm
Available in Black/ Red/ Pink/ Gold/ Silver/ Blue/
Light Blue/ Rose Pink/

#04 - NAME Card Holder S$9.90
10cm x 6.5cm x 1.2cm (Thickness)
Available in Pink/ Black/ Red/ White/ Rose Pink/ Watermelon Red

#05 - Passport holder S$10.50
Measurement: 15.5cm x 10.5cm
Info: 1 slot for passport; 5 slots for cards & 1 pic of photo
Available in Blue/ Black/ Red/ Gold/ Pink/ Dark Pink

#06 - MakeUp Baggy (1) S$12.50
Measurement: 19cm x 11cm x 7.5cm
Info: 1 mini mirror; 1 big slot; 5 slot of lip stick or eye liner pen holders
Available in Black/ white/ watermelon red/ pink/ Rose/ Red

#07- Make Up Baggy (2) S$11.50
Measurement: 19cm x 11.5cm x 7.5cm
Info: 1 Mini Mirror; 1slot; 3slot for lip sticks
Available in watermelon red/ white/ pink/ Black/ Purple

#08- Make up Baggy (3) S$11.00
Measurement: 15.5cm x 11cm x 3.5cm (width)
Available in Red/ Black/ white

#09 - Coin boxy purse (1) S$9.90
Measurement: 6.8cm x 6.8cm x 4.8cm
Available in Gold/ Pink/ Rose/ Blue/ Light Blue/ Black/ Purple/ Silver/ Dark Grey

#10 - Coin Flat Purse (2) S$7.90
Measurement: 8cm x 8cm x 1.8cm
Available in Pink/ Silver/ Gold/ Purple/ Blue

#11- Coin Purse (3) S$7.90
Measurement: 8cm x 7.5cm x 1.5cm
Available in White/ Orange/ Blue/ Black/ Pink/ Red

#12- Coin Purse (4)/ Wistlet S$12.50
Measurement: 12.5cm x 7cm
Available in Pink/ Yellow/ Black/ Red/ White/

#13- Multi User baggy S$12.90
Measurement: 13cm x 8.5cm
Info: 4 Keys slot; 2 card slot
Available in Pink/ Black/ White/ Dark Pink/ Green

#14 - Phone Holder Baggy (1) S$11.90
Measurement: 11.5cm x 6cm x 1.2cm
(Strip Length 16cm)
Available in Black/ Grey/ White/ red/ Yellow/ Pink

#15 - Phone Holder Baggy (2) S$9.90
Measurement: 12cm x 7.2cm
(Strip Length 45cm)
Available in Black/ Pink/ Red

#16 - Pencil Box S$8.50
Measurement: 5cm x 18.3cm x 6cm
Available in Pink/ Dark Blue/ Sliver/ Red/ Purple/ Gold/ Light Blue

#17 - Short Length Wallet (1) S$12.90
Measurement: 11.5cm x 9cm x 2cm (Thickness)
Info: 8 Cards slot; 1 photo; 1 coin ; 1 notes slot
Available in Gold/ Silver

#18 - Short Length Wallet (2) S$14.50
Measurement: 11cm x 9.5cm x 3.2cm
Info: 5 cards slots; 1 note slot; 2layer of coins
Available in White/ Pink/ Black

#19 - Short Length Wallet (3) S$15.90
Measurement: 13cm x 10cm x 3.2cm
Info: 8 card slots; 2 notes slots; 1 zip for coins
Available in Black/ Green/ Pink/ White/ Brown/ red

#20 - short length Wallet (4) S$17.50
Measurment: 14cm x 9.5cm x 3.8cm
Info: 9 Cards slot; 1 notes slot; 1 zip coins
Available in Black/ red/ Grey Purple/ Pink/ Rose Pink/ Watermelon Red

#21- Mobile Chain S$17.50
Available in Pinky/ Silver

#22 - Bracelet (1) S$17.50
Available in Pinky/ Silver

#23 - Bracelet (2) S$8.90
Available in Red/ Black
#24 - Necklace S$10.00
Measurement: Length 20cm
Available in Back/ red/ Pink/ Orange

#25 - Key Chain S$15.90
13cm x 6.8cm x 2.5cm
4 key slot
Available in Black/ Silver

it is all about simplicity (:

Tuesday, May 4, 2010 ♥

Dear Shoppers,

Newly open an online shop @

Do show your support to us!


Best Regards,

it is all about simplicity (:

Sunday, May 2, 2010 ♥

1 FOR $7
3 FOR $20
**direct import from bangkok
**bugis street sell @ S$10 - S$19++ per tees, why not buying from here?
**once item sold, pic will be deleted

Model details:
Height - 173CM
Weight - 60.5KG

#01- Game Kiddy
#2 - Pinky Bat

#03- Save water, shower together

#04- Recycle LOVE

#05- Flying Birds

#06- Red Little Devil

#07- Green Emergencies

#10 - Delay Flight

#12 - Swine Flu
#13- Rock & Roll Soul

#14- game board

#15- Crazy Monkey

#16- uni Spray bottles

#17- Blacky Emergencies

#18- Love do not cross greeny

#19- aut leaves
#20- Star Town

#21- Lovely tees

#22- Night dating

#24- Cow boy style

#25- King of 7

#27- Motor biker


it is all about simplicity (: